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Marni Armstrong

I believe the answers to your problems lie within you, and my job is to help you access your own healing power and resources.  I love working with adults and older adolescents to help you deal with life transitions, losses, depression/ bipolar, anxiety, recent or childhood trauma (large or small), chronic pain/illness, or to improve performance in work, sports or the arts.
Though I do not work with couples or families, I often work with individuals on relationship issues. If a relationship has already ended, I can help you heal, and if you have children, I can help you stay focused on their well-being while you do so.  I can also help you cope with parenting challenges.
I use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help you pull the negative beliefs you have about yourself out by the roots. I also teach a variety of energy techniques to speed up processing and to provide you with tools you can use at home during and after therapy.  I use Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS) to help you learn from and deal with conflicting desires, behaviors and motivations. I have found these techniques to be enormously successful in resolving trauma, anxieties, depression, and in removing blocks to overall well-being and success in life. But don't be put off by the word "trauma"; any memory that still bothers you when you think about it today can be healed with these techniques. 
I am not an addictions therapist, but I believe most addictions are attempted solutions at dealing with unprocessed traumas. The techniques mentioned above can help you resolve the root causes of your addictions. There are some EMDR protocols that help reduce cravings and behavioral urges, and acudetox (an acupuncture technique involving five points in the ear) can help you process traumas as well as support you in your efforts to let go of your addictive behaviors.
Biofield Tuning involves using tuning forks to heal both physical and emotional wounds, helping you raise your electrical voltage for improved health in all dimensions. I offer biofield tuning alone and also combined with EMDR, which one of my clients has described as "EMDR on steroids, but lubricated."
If you are still grieving over the death of a loved one over a year ago, I may be able to help you with Repair and Reattachment Therapy. See my "Related Links" page for more information on that.
I am a white, cis-gendered female who speaks Spanish as well as English and I have experience living within other cultures. I have insight into some issues of privilege, etc., and I enjoy working with members of cultures different from mine, including Native Americans, Black Americans, members of the military, the LGBTQIA+ community and others. But I don't like stereotypes, so you will need to educate me about your own unique life experiences no matter who you are. 


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